33 018 (D6530) Birmingham Railwaymans Crompton Workgroup 33 201 (D6586)
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33 018 Current Status

20/07/01 33018 is currently at the Crewe Heritage Centre where it arrived in the middle of 2000 after spending the last 12 years at the fire-training centre at Morton in the Marsh. The locomotive is in appalling condition after spending all its time in the open with no maintenance or body repairs carried out on it. The group first replaced missing glass panes and emptied the engine room and cabs of numerous smoke canisters before tiding up the body work and giving the locomotive a quick repaint to stop the body work deteriorating any further. This locomotive was initially bought for spare parts and as such has been donating parts for the groups other locomotive 33201. However the general condition of the mechanical and electrical components means the group may look at a future date to the full restoration of this loco.

Last modified: 10-Aug-2001